Since I have an odd obsession with click and grow pets, I thought I would dedicate a page to them.
Dragon Cave - Clicking and viewing the eggs and hatchlings will hatch the eggs and help them grow to full grown dragons.

  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

 Valenth Adoptables - These pets grow into different creatures, depending on what they are fed...good, evil or neutral. Click on them to feed them. I'm doing a bit of an experiment. Grool and Koresslia is being "force fed" here and Sabat is being force fed on Yarolds. Force feeding means I don't let you choose what they eat...it is automatically fed to them when you click on them.

Chicken Smoothie - Weird name...awesome pets!!  I love the butterfly wolves, I think they would make great tattoos :)

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